How does Aquarius work?

Aquarius is a fork of the Liquity protocol in the Fantom network, so it works in the same way as Liquity, and you can refer to the official document of Liquity for more information.

Will Aquarius pre-sell tokens?

No. Please refer to this page for token distribution.

Is Aquarius officially licensed by Liquity?

Not yet, but we will actively communicate with the official to get the authorization. Once the authorization request is approved, we will also airdrop to LQTY holders.

‌How to trust Aquarius?

  • Our code is open source. You can check it out for more information.
  • We are endorsed by LiquityFi (a well-known front-end development services provider), who is also a multi-signature participant for our wallet.
  • We will also actively cooperate with other trustworthy organizations.
  • We are seeking an official license from Liquity.