Decentralized Frontend Operator

Aquarius does not run its own web interface. Instead, the protocol can be accessed via third-party frontend operator. Anyone can easily run a frontend by using the launch kit or SDK and by doing so, earn a share of the Stability Pool rewards.


Frontends earn a share of the 32,000,000 AQU being distributed to users based on the frontend's kickback rate and the total rewards accrued by its users.

Why should I become a Frontend Operator?

Frontend Operators provide a web interface to the end-user enabling them to interact with the Aquarius protocol. For that service, they will be rewarded with a share of the AQU tokens their users generate.
AQU rewards are being awarded to Stability Pool depositors and then proportionally shared between the users themselves and the Frontend Operator. How much each party gets is determined by the Kickback Rate which is set by the Frontend Operator and can range between 0% and 100%.
Setting a high Kickback Rate will make the Frontend Operator attractive to users, but offering a nice interface and additional functionalities might allow for a lower kickback rate while still garnering user interest.