Token Distribution

  • 100 million (100,000,000) AQU tokens in total.
  • 0.1% of each AQU transaction will be burnt.

54% to the Aquarius Community‌

  • Stability pool rewards (32%): Issued to users who deposit aUSD to the Stability Pool. The rewards described by the following function: 32,000,000 * (1–0.5^year)
  • FTM-aUSD (0.1%): will be allocated to LPs of the aUSD:FTM Sushiswap pool. These tokens are earned by staking aUSD:FTM Sushiswap LP tokens and will be distributed by the protocol over the course of 20 days.
  • FTM-AQU (11.9%): Continuously minted for one year to liquidity providers of SushiSwap AQU-FTM trading pair.
  • aUSD-3Pool (10%): Continuously issued to liquidity providers of aUSD, e.g USDT-aUSD pair pool will be added on the Curve in the future.

25% to Team

  • Tokens will be locked up in the contract and released following a pre-set schedule. (Released in each block, halved each year)

20% airdrop to LQTY holders and Liquity Team

  • 17% airdrop to LQTY holders
  • 3% Liquity core team
  • We are seeking an official license from Liquity. Tokens will be locked in multi-sig-address. The airdrop plan will be released within the first 15 days following the Aquarius’ authorization. If the authorization does not happen in the first six months, these tokens will be destroyed.

1% marketing/bounties:

  • Set aside in multi-sig-address for providing initial liquidity and other marketing/promotion needs